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A small update…

Immortal Threat is now available through Amazon exclusively for digital format. Print copies are still available through CreateSpace. I’m pleased to announce that Immortal Threat is now available through the Kindle Unlimited program as well as the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library!A


Marketing & Reviews

  Oi! To all of the aspiring writers out there, a quick word of advice for you. I have discovered a few things as I travel down this very new path as a self-published author and in my attempts to help other writers in what little way I can I plan to share them with you. Feel free to take it or leave it…won’t hurt my feelings one bit. 🙂


  If there is something that requires, and quite honestly deserves, just as much time that you spend writing your masterpiece (if not more) it is marketing. I am very quickly discovering that I am behind the power curve when it comes to marketing IMMORTAL THREAT, but now I know what to plan for as I get closer to finishing the second book. So right now when I tell my hubbie that I’m going to work on the book, instead of focusing on the story line for IMMORTAL PROPHECY I am spending hours online trying to figure out a way to shamelessly promote IMMORTAL THREAT. Without spending any money. Honestly I’m not sure how much longer I will be able to do it without investing a little bit of money. 

  I mentioned in my last post that I am hoping to set up a Blog Tour this year and I think I have found some inexpensive ways to do that. Just to give you an example…I have found prices that range from $35 to $775 to set up such an event. Once I narrow down better options, by which I mean less than $100, I will post the links here. I’m also looking into creating a book trailer, and the price range for such a product is not quite as vast as the blog tours but again – I will post whatever I find to be helpful. I’m considering trying to make some myself first to see how they go. 


  Now a quick word on reviews. My first two reviews were posted on Amazon just a couple of days ago and they were very nice. There is a website that will promote Immortal Threat but one of the requirements is that I have 5 reviews posted on the Amazon US website first so I’m trying to get 3 more people to post reviews. Hopefully that will happen in the next couple of days. 

  Yesterday I spent hours (and I literally mean HOURS) searching the web for bloggers that write book reviews. I found loads of them and will continue searching for however long it takes until I find ones that will be beneficial to me. What’s that? Why wouldn’t all book review bloggers be beneficial to me you ask? That’s an excellent question. There are those that only review specific genres – makes total sense to me. Review what you read. There are those that review only non-fiction, or only classic literature, or even only certain authors. Okay…I get that.

  But I came across not one or two, but well over a dozen that had this statement on their blogs:


  I’m sorry…what? I’m serious….more than a dozen bloggers have this posted. So I automatically have a strike against me because I’m a self-published author? You want to penalize me because I took the initiative to do this on my own? I have a question for these bloggers…do you know how difficult it is to become a published author? Have you tried it? Have you spent hours working on something that you are finally ready to share with the world and then have extreme difficulty in doing that? I’m so grateful that self-publishing is such a viable option for writers today and guess what people? This is becoming more & more common…self-publishing is here to stay. Do you think any of the great authors of the past would  have given self-publishing a go had it been an option for them? I feel pretty sure that the answer would be a resounding “Hell Yes!” 

  To go with a traditional publishing house today is not easy by any means, and it seems like they are making it even more difficult. Sure…I could have sent letters & queries to various publishers and agents, waiting an indefinite amount of time to hear back from them, hoping & praying every day that someone would realize what a great read IMMORTAL THREAT is. OR I could go down the path I chose, where at least my book is out there. I still search for publishing houses that are calling for certain genres – actually found one last night that I’m going to submit to, mainly because they will let me know their decision either way AND because they don’t want money upfront from me. If something comes from it then fantastic. If not, no worries because guess what? My book will still be out there on CreateSpace, Amazon & Smashwords…waiting to be discovered by people that love to read a great story. And when they finish it I hope they will be willing to write a review, while I continue to search for bloggers that will take a chance on a wee self-published author like myself. 

Happy New Year!

  2013??? Really? Amazing. This year brings my 20 year high school reunion (ughhh), hopefully increased sales for IMMORTAL THREAT and most definitely the release of Book 2 of The Immortal Karma Chronicles – IMMORTAL PROPHECY.

  Yes, you read that correctly…IMMORTAL PROPHECY will be released in 2013. Right now I’m planning for a summer release but I will keep everyone posted. Something else that I plan on setting up is a Blog Tour, hopefully for both books. I’m still doing quite a bit of research on what needs to be done to organize such an awesome, and free (which in my book makes it FABULOUS), marketing event. So stay tuned for news about that!

  What do you all think about the new book cover? Isn’t it gorgeous? I ended up hiring a cover designer to meet requirements with Smashwords so it will be distributed through their Premium Sales Catalog. Hopefully they will approve it within the next few days. Why, you ask, am I so concerned with getting IMMORTAL THREAT pushed in Smashwords’ premium catalog? Well, approximately 80% of all ebooks are distributed to the various companies through Smashwords. Want people to be able to read your book on their iPads through iBooks? Or on their Nooks? Or other e-readers that aren’t Kindles? Then you have to go through Smashwords. Believe me…as soon as we make their catalog I will be letting everyone know!

  Have you bought your copy yet? If so, have you read it? What are your thoughts? Do you have questions? I’d be so happy to answer whatever I can, at least without giving the future storyline away. Please feel free to leaves comments here! I totally want to know what my readers think!

  Until next time…brightest blessings to all of you!



New Cover!

New Cover!

Here is the cover for Immortal Threat! I’m so excited. This was created by Katrina of Ebooks R Us at Isn’t it amazing? Love it so much! I plan on Katrina designing the remaining covers as well.

What is Immortal Threat, Book 1 of the Immortal Karma Chronicles?

“Good versus Evil. Light versus Dark. It’s a battle that has been fought since the beginning of time and all Rhiana wanted out of life was to be able to do her part in tipping the scales in the favor of good & light each day. With the help of her coven that stretches across continents and the support of the deities above she truly believes her actions make a difference in the world. Mundane her life isn’t, but in a matter of hours it becomes turned upside down so many times Rhiana isn’t sure she will ever get it straightened out again. There are other forces working against her, natural and otherwise, and they’ve decided to strike where it would hurt the most – members of the High Priestess’s coven. The brutal attacks are followed with a death threat that strikes fear in everyone and Rhiana starts to wonder if she’ll be able to protect the people she loves and defeat an evil that thirsts for nothing less than complete destruction. With the help of every witch in her coven and her abilities in the Craft she decides to fight for everything that she loves and believes in. Will it be enough?”

  Immortal Threat is my first published novel. I originally started writing it ten years ago but never got very far with it. In July of 2012 I told my husband Jim that I wanted to finally finish the book and do my best to get it published by the end of the year. I started writing every day, some times all night and before I knew it the chapters were just flowing. I had no idea where the inspiration or creativity was flowing from but I wasn’t going to argue with it or ignore it. My was husband was preparing to retire from the Navy after 22 years of service and was home all the time which was a total gift and blessing. Without his help with our fabulous but somewhat demanding children it would have taken so much longer to finish this, or many more sleepless nights or quite possibly both.

  In November I finished the manuscript and we began the editing and test reading phase. I couldn’t have done it without Martha, Amy, Nilda, Bill, Jason, Jim, Brian & Sebell. Their help gave me time to research exactly how we were going to get published. I decided to go with CreateSpace, Smashwords & Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) – this way I could get Immortal Threat out into as many markets as possible.

  December 17th, 2012 is the day my book went live with CreateSpace. I was so excited…honestly I haven’t stopped smiling yet. Later that same day it was launched on Amazon. I was at work at my part-time photography job when that email came in on my phone. We didn’t have any guests in the studio at the time, which is probably good, because I started jumping up and down and squealing. Scared Stephanie half to death! 🙂 Smashwords is coming along – there were a bunch of formatting issues that I had to correct & I finally was able to get all of that straightened out yesterday. So now I’m just waiting for them to approve the changes. It is available on Smashwords now if you specifically search for it, but once they approve the changes it will show up on their website as a “new release” and then be sent to Apple, Sony & Barnes & Noble for their e-readers. I will definitely post when that happens!


Available through Amazon 🙂




IMMORTAL THREAT available in print copy via CreateSpace


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